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March 24, 2014

Nasdaq OMX creates global markets services business

Nasdaq OMX creates global markets services business

Market operator Nasdaq OMX has formed a new entity combining transactions, clearing and settlement services in the US and Europe, and has appointed Hans-Ole Jochumsen to lead the new combined entity. read more>

March 21, 2014

Fears of unintended consequences in US small-cap pilot

A US tick size pilot program for small cap stocks may lead to outcomes unintended by regulators and legislators behind the plan, Paul Daley, CEO of SunGard-owned algo developer Fox River has said. read more>

March 21, 2014

Packaged trades on SEFs may strain buy-side

The move to add packaged transactions on swap execution facilities will add complexity for the buy-side as it requires a greater number of trades to execute on the platforms. read more>

March 20, 2014

Banks eye shared platforms to balance OTC profit outlook

Post-crisis reforms to banks through increased capital requirements, limits on proprietary trading activity and changes to the formerly highly profitable OTC derivatives business are pushing banks towards shared platforms and outsourced solutions. read more>

March 18, 2014

Thomson Reuters unveils block service

Financial information firm Thomson Reuters will operate a block trading service based on its buy- and sell-side messaging platform Autex, but the firm has said it will not compete directly with dark pools or crossing networks. read more>

March 17, 2014

Credit trading on SEFs led by dealer-to-client platforms

A report from consultancy Celent on swap execution facilities has shown credit products are dominated by one venue, while liquidity in rates instruments remains tightly held by inter-dealer brokers. read more>

March 14, 2014

Common SEF rulebook idea mooted

A number of market participants plan to develop a common rulebook for a number of swap execution facilities to ease buy-side take-up of the platforms according to Jim Myers, senior manager, business consulting, treasury and risk management for Sapient Global Markets. read more>

March 13, 2014

BNY-BAML tri-party link eases buy-side collateral pressure

Asset managers will be able to use corporate bonds as collateral for centrally cleared interest rate swaps after a link-up between custodian bank BNY Mellon and Bank of America Merrill Lynch through CME Clearing. read more>

March 13, 2014

FINRA confirms May start to ATS reporting

Dark pool reporting for US venues regulated as alternative trading systems will begin the week starting 12 May the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, the body running the program, has confirmed to read more>

March 11, 2014

SEC's Piwowar champions collaborative swaps approach

Republican commissioner Michael Piwowar of the Securities and Exchange Commission has called for greater cohesion among international regulators as the top US securities regulator prepares to unveil final swaps rules. read more>